The Cycling Ireland team has shared their 6 top tips on how to avoid injury. Cycling Ireland is the Governing Body for cycling across the island of Ireland and is partnered with Kinetica.  


Training Load

    Manage your training load, gradually increasing the volume and intensity of training. Large increases in weekly training volume, intensity, or both, dramatically increase injury risk.

    Bike Fit

    Getting a professional bike fit is one of the most overlooked steps when buying a new bike, but it is one of the most important. If you want to ride comfortably and pain-free a proper bike fit is a must.



    Sleep gives the body a chance to repair and regenerate from the day – muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones need this time to recover to help prevent overuse injuries. Aim for 8 hours per night, more if you’re in a heavy training block.



    Your body needs protein to help build and repair muscles and other body tissues. On finishing any ride longer than 90 minutes, the priority is to take on some quality protein as soon as possible. A short time later you should eat a balanced meal.


    Strength & Conditioning

    A Strength & Conditioning programme can address muscle imbalances and weak areas which can lead to injuries.



    Carbohydrates are essential for a cyclist and play a key part in your energy production, recovery, adaptation and immunity processes. Time your carb intake in particular around your training - before and during to fuel output for that training session and the next. After you need them to recover, replenish, encourage adaptation to training stimulus and galvanise immunity. How much you need is dependent on your body size, energy output and session intensity but make no mistake whether young, old, female, male, experienced racer, relaxed leisure rider, off road or on road...carbs are king for all!


     #TeamKinetica Top Tip: make sure you maximise your visibility on your bike! Wear bright, reflective clothing and have lights fitted on your bike, front and back, for safe cycling in all conditions.  
    If you are struggling with a recurring injury, we recommend that you visit a GP for professional medical advice.  
    Author: Neill Delyahaye - Head Coach at Cycling Ireland