Protein Shakes

A protein shake is a perfect way to introduce more protein into your diet, without needing to worry about ratios or mixing.

At Kinetica Sports, our range of premade protein shakes have 25 g of protein per bottle. Knowing this makes it easy for you to include them into your diet plan.

Protein shakes are incredibly convenient because there’s no need for prep, you can simply grab and go. This is ideal if you’re an athlete travelling to or from events, or a fitness enthusiast on your way to the gym after work.

We think the best protein shakes should help you feel fuller for longer, and be capable of slotting into your routine with ease. They should also taste good.

That’s why our range of protein shakes are available in three delicious flavours, so why not try them all to find your favourite?

Or, try our protein shakes as part of a home bake to make tasty treats with the perfect amount of protein.

For some of the best protein shakes on the market, browse our range at Kinetica Sports. 

Try our protein shakes alongside a protein bar, or our energy gels and powders.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Protein Shakes

What is a protein shake?

A premade protein shake is a drink, usually milk-based, which helps you supplement your daily protein intake. 

These have an elevated level of protein to regular drinks, which means they’re an easy way to increase your protein intake without needing to worry about mixing your own ratios. 

At Kinetica Sports, our protein shakes have 25 g of protein per serving, which helps you know exactly how much you’re adding to your diet over time.

Protein shakes aren’t just for athletes though. To learn more about why protein is important in your diet, explore our article on Why Women Need More Protein In Their Diet.

Are protein shakes good for you?

Whether you’re a pro athlete, fitness enthusiast, or weekend warrior, getting the right amount of protein in your diet is essential. This helps your body repair after a session, and promotes the growth of muscle.

Protein shakes therefore, are good for you because they’re an easy way to increase your protein intake without maxing out on extra calories and fats. 

At Kinetica Sports, our protein shakes have been carefully crafted to have a high protein, but low fat formula to help you build muscle.

Like everything, protein shakes are good for you in moderation as part of a balanced diet. If you want more personalised advice, contact your GP before making any changes to your diet.

How many protein shakes a day should you have?

There is no exact rule for how many protein shakes you should have per day, as this depends on your existing diet plan and fitness goals.

Serious athletes tend to need more protein because their bodies undergo more stress and exercise on a daily basis, so additional protein shakes help to retain muscle mass and encourage muscular repair.

Instead of thinking of it in terms of ‘how many protein shakes a day’, consider how much overall protein you need. Then you can divide this between meals and protein shakes to ensure you’re getting the right amount.

For more information about incorporating protein shakes into your diet, read our article on When is the Best Time to Take a Protein Shake?

Why choose protein shakes from Kinetica Sports?

We believe we have some of the best protein shakes on the market. We’ve worked hard to ensure our protein shakes are a delicious and valuable addition to your diet, to make meeting your protein needs easier.

At Kinetica Sports, we strongly believe in product safety and quality. That’s why we ensure that our protein shakes are formulated with the very best ingredients.

You know why you train, so let us support you with how.