The Use of Oatgain in Professional Sport

The nutrition requirements of rugby union players are multi-factorial, however, from a nutrient intake perspective meeting an adequate amount of protein to repair damaged muscle after exercise and enough carbohydrate to replace the muscle glycogen utilised are two priorities.

Why we use Kinetica Oatgain in Field Sports

The energy expenditure on a training day for Connacht Rugby for example, can be up to 1500kcal from training, an approximate 2100kcal from the resting metabolic rate and 400kcal from the thermic effect of food, which is the process of digesting, absorbing, transporting, and storing the macronutrients. Eating over 4000kcal every training day can sometimes be difficult depending on an athlete’s drive to eat or gut discomfort post-session. Taking this into account, Oatgain provides a simple but extremely effective way to provide the basic macronutrients in protein & carbohydrate but also a multitude of micronutrients in the B vitamin complex that maintain normal digestion and energy levels.

How we use Kinetica Oatgain

It is safe to say Oatgain offers several diverse avenues to be innovative. Frozen berry smoothies, dairy based shakes & water mix.

The Connacht Rugby Training Day Smoothie offers a phase 1 recovery option after a high intensity 60-minute pitch session or a double training day gym session. The recipe attached, is divided into 4 servings to meet 10g of protein and 20g of carbohydrate, perfect to begin the recovery process before a phase 2 meal, 30 minutes later. Similarly, it serves the purpose for players in need of gaining .25-.3kg per week of body mass and increase their lean mass, the use of a 160g serving with water contains 600kcal to allow players create a 500-600kcal surplus. This, evidentially, is a sufficient surplus above maintenance calories, to gain body mass in a sustainable manner with hypertrophic or strength stimulus.

Most training days are a pitch session followed by a gym session so the requirement for recovery calories, particularly for developing players and players is necessary. The macronutrient composition and b vitamin complex ensure the energy allocation between and after sessions is met.

What is Kinetica Oatgain and what makes it special?

With each 160g serving, Oatgain has over 80g of carbohydrates and 40g of protein. Another positive is that it’s not loaded with sugars. Oatgain contains just over 6g of sugar per serving. It has an extensive B vitamin profile which includes B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12. Intake of B vitamins is important for energy production during exercise. They are also involved in the production of red blood cells and protection of the central nervous system. In addition to this, Oatgain contains fat soluble vitamins A,D, E and K. 

How to make a quick & easy recipe using Oatgain:



About the Author

Gavin graduated from Exercise and Health Studies in Waterford Institute of Technology in 2013 before completing a MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition in 2015, undertaking a dissertation in Caffeine and its effect on repeated sprint performance in soccer players.

Gavin has worked with the Munster Rugby Academy and the IRFU with their National Talent Development Pathway as a Performance Nutritionist. Gavin has worked with developing players, this time representing their country at u18, u19 & u20s level. Gavin was part of the backroom team for the u20s 6 Nations Grand Slam success in 2019. Gavin has also worked with the Kildare GAA, providing nutrition to their Senior Football Team and is now Lead Nutritionist at Kerry GAA.

Since September 2019, Gavin has been working with the Connacht Rugby senior team as the lead performance nutritionist, liaising with professional rugby union players on all aspects of their nutrition associated to match day, recovery, body composition goals & supplement intake. Gavin is passionate about building sustainable habits and players taking ownership of their nutrition. Through building their level of nutrition understanding & skills players can implement the appropriate nutrition practices that best fit their lifestyle & goals.