Scientifically formulated to optimise your hydration strategy 

  • Sodium’s role is to help maintain blood volume (hydration), nerve generation and muscle contraction 
  • Potassium supports muscle contraction and nerve impulse generation 
  • Calcium does the same as well as being important for bone health 
  • Magnesium supports energy generation and muscle strength 

Refreshing citrus addition to your water, Energy or Recovery drink 

  • Can be consumed daily  
  • Each tablet delivers a subtle citrus flavour and dissolves easily in water  
  • Designed to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat or to support hydration levels when travelling, residing or exercising in hot climates 
  • 1

    Grab a 500ml bottle of cold water or pour 500mls of water into a glass 

  • 2

    Drop one Electro-C tablet into the water and allow it to dissolve

  • 3

    Hydrate & enjoy! 

Frequently asked questions about Kinetica Electro-C

When is the best time to take an electrolyte?  

We recommend taking 1 electrolyte tablet per 500mls of water daily. For everyday use outside of sports and performance, take it at a time that works best for you to allow you to be consistent. If you are due to travel especially if you are flying it can be super helpful to take 1 tablet before and/orduring your flight to reduce your risk of being dehydrated. 

How do I take the electrolyte tablet? How much water do I mix it with?  

1 tablet per 500mls of water. Some of our community even add it to sparkling water for a bit of extra fizz! If you’re competing in an endurance event, you might want to add it to your Energy powder drink as well so you can enjoy a two-fold benefit while still tasting delicious and refreshing.

Does Kinetica Electro C contain any caffeine? 

No, our Electro C Tablets are caffeine free. 

What are the electrolytes in the Kinetica electrolyte tablet and how much of each are in each tablet?  

One Electro-C tablet contains 250mg Sodium, 50mg Potassium, Magnesium 75mg and Calcium 50mg. Sodium is important for maintaining hydration and for rehydration. Potassium, which is lost in smaller amounts in sweat is important for function of nerve and muscle cells. If there are insufficient amount of sodium and potassium levels, muscle cramping may be an outcome. Research has indicated that Magnesium, like Potassium and Sodium has been associated with limiting muscle cramping and fatigue. Calcium, which we already know is important for bone health, may also have an impact on muscle contraction.

How many can I take per day? Can I take it daily? 

Yes, you can take the Electo-C tablets daily. We don’trecommend taking more than 3 tablets per day.

Is it safe for athletes to take / is it drug free / free from banned substances?  

Our Kinetica Electro- C tablets are WADA Batch Tested & Informed Sport approved which means they have undergone rigorous testing to give our Kinetica community peace of mind that we have done everything we can to ensure no banned substances are included. 

How many calories are there in each tablet?

There are just under 10 calories per 1 tablet serving

Can I take Kinetica Electro-C when travelling?  

You can definitely take it when travelling, in fact we recommend doing so especially if you are flying!

What are the benefits of electrolytes?  

Electrolytes can help replace the sodium lost through perspiration from general day to day life but especially when exercising. Other benefits of electrolytes can include: 

  • Maintaining hydration  
  • Rehydrating  
  • Potentially reducing risk of muscle cramping 
  • Reduce risk of muscle fatigue  

Is it best to take electrolytes before or after a workout / run?

You can take Electro-C before, during and after a run. Ideally you want to start your run as hydrated as possible but if you notice you’re feeling dehydrated as you exercise you can consume on the go and post exercise too to replenish electrolytes lost through sweat.