Your Best Shot At Recovery

Be consistent, with a quick and easy collagen solution

  • No mixing, no mess, no fuss shot format
  • Bovine collagen included designed to specifically support joint health
  • Added benefit of supporting skin and hair health too

Designed with athletes in mind, to support overall joint health

  • Awarded 2023 Best Sports Nutrition Product for a reason
  • If you’re fighting fit, take 40-60 minutes before exercise to reduce impact of wear & tear  
  • If you’re recovering from injury, take before rehab sessions for optimal results

Quality driven ingredient list and formulation

Trusted by the elite because its:

  • Informed Sport Approved
  • WADA Batch Tested

Enjoyed by everyone because:

  • Convenient format
  • High Collagen Dosage
  • Turmeric Addition

What type of collagen is in Kinetica's Collagen with Turmeric Shot?

The Kinetica Collagen with Turmeric Shots is made from Bovine Collagen,  which has been shown to be beneficial for joint, ligament, muscle and skin health.

How much collagen is there per serving?

There is 20g of Collagen per shot which is one serving.

How long should I take Kinetica's Collagen with Turmeric Shot for?

Like all sustainable approaches to health, wellness and performance, there is no exact science as to when an individual will start to see results. The key to achieving optimal results from your collagen consumption is consistency as opposed to expecting instant results. It can be consumed daily but also works best when paired with training or exercise days. So, if you train 3-5 times a week, consuming collagen on those days consistently should allow you to reap the most benefits.

When is the best time to take Kinetica’s Collagen with Turmeric Shot? 

As mentioned, consistency is key so ideally 40-60 minutes before training or exercise if you’re fit and healthy, or 60 minutes before a rehab session if you’re recovering from an injury.

At what age should you start taking collagen? 

We do not market our products to those under 18, otherwise any age is appropriate. In fact, collagen production tends to decrease as we get older so it's certainly worth considering topping up as you age.  If you have a medical condition or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor before consuming.

Are there any other benefits to taking collagen?

Research is still evolving within the Collagen category which is really exciting and consumption indicates very positive outcomes even outside of why we designed this product. We designed this product with athletes and active people in mind however it may have additional benefits such as improving skin, nail and hair health.

What allergens are in the Kinetica Collagen with Tumeric shots?

The shots are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians as the source of collagen is bovine based. They do not contain milk, eggs, soy or nuts and seeds and they are gluten free so suitable for coeliacs.