Recovery Never Tasted So Good

Delicious taste in convenient powder format

  • Refreshing berry flavour that mixes easily with water, a simple, no hassle addition to your daily routine
  • Comprehensive formula to support collagen synthesis
  • 35 serves per tub 
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Nourish yourself like the elite

Created in partnership with leading nutrition expert Daniel Davey to

  • Reduce the impact of general wear & tear on joints from not only sports, but everyday life too! 
  • Support the reduction of joint pain, especially as you age and your collagen stores begin to decrease.
  • Move better for longer so you can keep doing the things you love, for as long as possible 

Scientifically Designed & Quality Driven Formula 

  • 5g FORTIGEL® Bovine Collagen Included  
  • Vit C&D included for collagen synthesis and bone & immune support 
  • Glucosamine added to support overall joint health 
  • Hyralonic Acid included to alleviate joint pain 

What type of Collagen is in Kinetica’s Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex? 

Firstly, it’s worth knowing that there are at least 28 different collagen types, which are vital for your health - providing fundamental structural properties for muscle, joints and organ structure or the ongoing renewal of cells as we age.In terms of sources of collagen, the base of the majority of collagen products on the market today are either bovine, marine or vegan. For our powder, we used a very specific type of Bovine collagen called Fortigel® which is industry renowned for its quality. 

How long should I take Kinetica’s Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex?

We recommend incorporating the Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex into your daily routine and ideally paired with the days you are planning on exercising or training. Like all sustainable approaches to health, wellness and performance, there is no exact science as to when an individual will start to see results. The key to achieving optimal results from your collagen consumption is consistency as opposed to expecting instant results.

What results am I likely to see from taking Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex? 

Results will depend on the individual based on their level of performance and movement, lifestyle and age, whether they are struggling with a joint or muscle injury or they are injury free! Studies have shown that collagen consumers may experience the following benefits: 

  1. Faster recovery from injury 
  2. Faster recovery from training load 
  3. Improved ligament strength after exercise 
  4. Improved joint function and reduced joint pain 
  5. Better strength and lean mass after resistance training

How much collagen is there per serving?  

There is 5g of collagen per serve which is why we recommend daily use. The dosage level is lower than our shots because the type of collagen we have used isa bioactive form of collagen peptides designed to support athletes.

When is the best time to take Kinetica’s Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex? 

Take it at a time that is convenient for you so that you can consume it consistently. Ideally 40-60 minutes before exercise or rehab is recommended for best results. 

How many servings come in one container of Kinetica Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex? 

There are 35 servings per 350g tub.

Why have you added Vitamin C & D, Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid?

We are very intentional when it comes to our formulations and the types of ingredients we use. We never add anything for the sake of it. We included the following ingredients because studies have shown: 

  1. Vitamin C supports collagen synthesis and collagen bioavailability  
  2. Vitamin D supports bone & immune health 
  3. Hyaluronic Acid may help to alleviate joint pain and is important for shock absorption 
  4. Glucosamine may help with joint health 

What should I mix Kinetica’s Collagen Joint* & Muscle** Support Complex with? 

The easy part! All you have to do is take one scoop of powder and mix with water for a refreshing and simple collagen option or add to your smoothie

At what age should you start taking collagen? 

There is no specific age that you need to start consuming Collagen however we do not market any of our sports nutrition range to those under 18and it’s worth noting that as we get older, we naturally lose collagen.This loss of collagen begins in adulthood, and after 40 years of age, we can lose about 1% of collagen per year.If you have a pre-existing medical condition or you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor before consuming.

How does collagen contribute to bones & joint health? 

In life and sport, we need to be able to offset all the various forces imposed on us. We run, change direction, jump, slip, lift, and get hit by other players on the field of play: all these aspects of movement require muscles, tendons and joints to be robust yet adaptable. We need to be able to absorb force just as much as we produce it. Collagen is an essential part of our success here.