Refreshing, neutral orange flavour

  • Convenient high protein option  
  • Simply mix one scoop with 250-300ml of water for a refreshing whey shake 
  • Allow for some foaming to occur & settle before drinking 
  • Refreshing taste & texture experience  
  • Clearer consistency than the milky appearance and mouthfeel of traditional whey 

Trusted by the elite

Formulated from whey protein isolate 

  • High quality protein source with a lower lactose concentration than other forms. 
  • It undergoes acidification at a lower pH making it more soluble and increasing its clarity  

Rigorously tested so you know it’s safe to consume 

  • Informed Sport Approved 
  • Wada Batch Tested 

Low lactose, whey protein option

24g of whey protein isolate per serve 

  • Ideal for lean muscle mass repair, recovery and retention 
  • Satiating option to keep you on track 

Easy to digest & absorb, especially for those who cannot tolerate large amounts of lactose 

  • Also supports your hydration strategy if you want to add an electrolyte tablet into the mix   

Neutral orange flavour is ideal post work out, training or in warmer months/ hotter climates 

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Protein per Serving
Calories per Serving
WADA Batch Tested
Informed Sport Approved
Suitable for Vegans
Suitable for Vegetarians
Flavours Available
Clear Whey Isolate Orange 500g - Kinetica SportsClear Whey Isolate
120 Kcal
Whey Protein
118 Kcal
Plant Protein Vanilla 1kg - Kinetica Sports Plant Protein
117 Kcal

Frequently asked questions about Kinetica Clear Whey

What’s the difference between Kinetica Whey protein & Kinetica Clear Whey? 

Both options are premium and high-quality options, so really when making your choice, it comes down to personal preference. The difference between the Kinetica Whey Protein Range versus Clear Whey is that the Whey range includes a combination of whey protein isolate and concentrate and has a higher lactose level. On the other hand, Clear Whey includes whey protein isolate only and has a much lower lactose concentration due to the additional filtration process it undergoes. This means it can be digested easier so it’sgreat for the everyday consumer but especially those that struggle to digest large amounts of lactose. There is also a difference in the taste experience, our Whey Protein range mixes really well with water, milk or milk alternatives versus our Clear Whey whichmixes with water for a really refreshing and easy to digest high protein option.

What is whey protein isolate?  

Whey protein isolate is a high quality protein source with a lower lactose concentration than other forms. It undergoes acidification at a lower pH making it more soluble and increasing its clarity. 

What does Kinetica Clear Whey taste like? 

Kinetica Clear Whey has an orange flavour. It’s quite neutral so it’s easy to consume. We do not recommend mixing it with milk or milk alternatives, water is the preferredoption for the best flavour experience!

Can I take Kinetica Clear Whey with other supplements? 

Yes you can take Clear Whey with other supplements. Map out your nutrition strategy based on your health and performance goals and see what makes sense for you. Just because you take Clear Whey one day, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy traditional whey the nextassuming you don’t have any lactose digestion challenge. Mixing your protein options up can reduce flavour fatigue and help keep your intake consistent while still being exciting.

What are the key benefits of clear whey isolate?  

The benefits include: 

  • Muscle repair, recovery & retention 
  • supporting our immune system, muscle growth 
  • Satiety 
  • Lower lactose content than traditional whey 
  • Low in sugar high protein option

Is clear whey isolate good for runners? 

As an endurance athlete, something like Clear Whey could have additional benefits given the low lactose content as oftentimes after an intense session or competition, digestion issues can occur so it’s certainly worth considering if you are a runner that has recovery at the top of your agenda! To clarify, Kinetica Clear Whey doesn’t discriminate though. It can benefit every type of athlete and consumer.

When should I take Kinetica Clear Whey?

When it comes to protein intake even protein distribution over the course of the day is encouraged. As a brand, we take a food first approach but it can be challenging to meet these requirements daily and that’s where something like Clear Whey can help! If taking it daily, any time of day works. If you are training or exercising, taking it 30-60 minutes after exercise will be beneficial for your muscle repair and recovery. 

What do I take Clear Whey with? 

You can mix Clear Whey with water. Some people even add an electrolyte tablet to the shake as well to really maximise their hydration.

My clear whey is foamy – What happened?  

This is totally normal and to be expected don’t worry! Allow your shake to foam and then settle for a couple of minutes and you will see a substantial reduction in foaming so you can enjoy your Clear Whey shake with ease!

How many calories per shake? 

There are approximately 120kcal per shake when mixed with water