The concept behind Kinetica Talking With Titans series is simple. It’s a meeting of minds. Expert minds at that.


We are lucky enough to have an internal team of sports and nutrition enthusiasts that are super passionate about all things health and wellbeing while also having access to amazing expert partners and ambassadors.


We know that a lot of the Kinetica Community are trying their best to adjust to the current climate, with many struggling with the restrictions. So we decided to launch a series of discussion panels featuring expert practitioners and athletes that are willing to give us an insight into their world and their views to entertain, inspire and motivate our audience while we work together to adapt to the new norm.


This first episode is focused on the personal and professional trials and tribulations of the panel. It is co-hosted by Sean Prunty from #TeamKinetica and Daniel Davey from Davey Nutrition and features Paul Talty, Associate Lead Performance Services from Swim Ireland & Gavin Rackard, Lead Performance Nutritionist from Connacht Rugby.


#YouKnowWhy #WeKnowHow #TalkingWithTitans




01min 02secs - Personal Journey

9min 55secs - Inspiration

13mins 55secs - Getting buy in from players and coaches

18mins 57secs - Best mistake you made

22mins 02secs - Recommendations