Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Soft serve

Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Soft serve

Preparation Time - 10 minutes 

Servings - 2 



  • 2 scoops Kinetica Mint Chocolate
  • 400g frozen banana chunks
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder or raw cacao powder
  • 2 - 3 tbsp dark chocolate chips




1. Blend together the protein and banana chunks in a food processor. I find this works better in a food processor as you can keep it moving without adding any milk!

2. The bananas will break down and become thick and creamy. Add the cocoa powder and blend to combine.  

3. Turn off the food processor, remove the blade and fold in the chocolate chips, reserving some for on top if desired.

4. Serve immediately or freeze for 15 - 30 minutes for a thicker consistency.


Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Softserve (2 servings) 

  • Cals: 834
  • Carbs: 125.5g
  • Fats: 17.6g
  • Protein: 53.2g