Easy Chia Protein Pudding Breakfast Recipe

Easy Chia Protein Pudding Breakfast Recipe

This high protein pudding is a Daniel Davey favourite. It’s a quick and easy to make and can double up as a healthy breakfast option or you can get creative and add an assortment of tasty toppings so you can enjoy it as a guilt free dessert!

Preparation Time - 5 minutes 

Chilling Time – 1 Hour 

Servings - 1 



1 scoop of Kinetica Whey Protein  

10g of Milled Chia Seeds

Splash of Milk (of choice)  

225g Greek Style Yoghurt

5g of Desiccated Coconut  

1 Teaspoon of Honey (Optional)  



1. Mix the Kinetica Whey, chia seeds, splash of milk, yogurt, honey & desiccated coconut

2. Top with berries, almond butter, dark chocolate or fruit of choice and place in the fridge

3. Enjoy!


Nutritional Value per pudding: 

Protein: 42g

Fat: 10g

Carbohydrates: 31g

Calories: 401